Taking advantage, as usual, of a holiday period, the CROUS of PARIS (this is the French organization in charge of the management of scholarships) just send scholarship students this disturbing mail :
 » Under current regulations , we wish to inform you not be able to respond favourably to your scholarship application to prepare for aggregation contest for the academic year 2014-2015.  »
And CROUS adds:
« Kindly therefore take all necessary steps to pursue your studies. »
That’s all Folks!
However, the regulations are still yet that of the 25 July 2013 circular which lists the qualifications and among those, there is the scholarship regarding preparation for aggregation. So there is a question facing all the democrats:
How is it acceptable that student whose families do not have consistent income no longer have the right to higher education, and, at least, the right to the assistance in order to get the opportunity to come to the high educational degree ?

Be aware also this iniquitous decision is aimed at students who are involved in long term of five years university project.

It is said today to these students: « Too bad for you! This is « secret regulations ». What for regulations? « This does not concern you! »
Is this new segregation by money fair?


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